A Batting Cage Swings for the Fences

A Batting Cage Swings for the Fences

In Eastern Canada, a batting cage picks up a ton of bookings but loses employees in the process. He looks for ways to keep afloat using booking automation, scheduling that works with his calendar, and optimizing his setup for two locations

And then there was one.

With spring season upon him, Riley was preparing for another busy summer. Within the first week of May, both of his employees left. Rather than turn away business, he found a way to use Easy Appointments to save time and focus on the operation.

Riley knew he had to carve his time differently. What he knew best was working with customers, ensuring their experience while at the batting cage went smooth, and managing the equipment. Without his team, he needed help in two main areas: marketing and scheduling bookings. When it came to scheduling, the app did the heavy lifting he needed.

Take bookings on his terms

With private bookings from schools, clubs, and groups, Riley needed the flexibility to block off time within a day's notice. With a 2-way Google Calendar sync, a few clicks would ensure his customers skip the days when he is busy. With equipment preparation taking a day, he added lead time to ensure his next booking can only occur after 24h. When a batting cage was under maintenance, he simply unassigned that schedule so customers couldn't book it at all. Headache turned into a few clicks.

With a focus on customers and baseball, Easy Appointments took care of the headache

I needed something that fit my schedule, my equipment, and made my customers life easy too. As a one man show, Easy Appointments came in a pinch. I was set up to take bookings within a day.

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