How an Omakase Chef generated 100K selling out Private Tastings

How an Omakase Chef generated 100K selling out Private Tastings

Chef Dan opened a new restaurant to take private sushi tastings. With little money to start, he used Easy Appointment Booking to take bookings in advance, fund his restaurant opening, and send just-in-time reminders for customers to find him.

In the heart of Singapore, Chef Dan shared his sushi skills on social media. With over 10K instagram followers, he decided to try his hand at Omakase Tasting by renting out part of a restaurant space. To cover the rent, he used Easy Appointment Booking to take payments in advance, manage his customers, and focus on growing his business.

By taking bookings, it funded Dan's new venture

Becoming an Omakase chef overnight was more expensive than I thought. I had the know-how, but no investment up front. The best way I could test this out was taking bookings in advance using Shopify. Easy Appointment Booking made it...well...easy! Taking bookings and payment up front help me focus on my craft.

SMS with Google Maps helped prevent no-shows

Tucked away in the corner of a busy street, finding the place took time. Dan operated at a restaurant under a different name, so customers didn't pick this up quickly. The reminder text 24h before made it easy for customers and a link to Google Maps got them right to his door.

One year in the books, with plans to expand

Eight months later, Dan has booked over 1000 bookings, netting him over 100K in Omakase bookings. He has plans to scale out to his own restaurant and a team, who can manage bookings directly -- luckily, Easy Appointment Booking features help with a Google Calendar sync and a standalone booking portal for each team member.

All the best Dan, we're rooting for you.

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